MLS organizations should use three criteria when evaluating authentication solutions for their organization; cost, convenience and improved security over their existing solution. SafeMLS™ PLUS risk management-based authentication suite combines advanced analytics and a zero-footprint solution to accurately identify, and automatically remediate, accounts at higher risk for sharing and unauthorized access. SafeMLS™ PLUS includes a system-wide risk management dashboard that provides instant visibility into usage history, device usage (including mobile and tablets), and forensic data about each account. SafeMLS Plus Screen Shot Banner

SafeMLS™ PLUS is convenient, cost effective and proven. It is also completely transparent to MLS members. As long as members are in compliance, SafeMLS™ PLUS runs silently in the background. Meanwhile, you receive the data you need to protect against account sharing and unauthorized access.

Key Benefits

    • Risk Management Dashboard – Offers a system-wide percentage breakdown of “at risk” accounts and segments it by level with an easy-to-use risk score
    • Account Sharing Analytics – Identification of higher risk accounts makes it easy to target cost-effective remediation
    • Transparent Monitoring – Rich data collection of in-session factors without impacting members
    • Automated Remediation – Customizable, automated remediation plans to minimize account sharing and unauthorized access
    • Mobile Ready – Mobile devices and tablets are fully supported and monitored
    • Protect your MLS Resources – Preserve your revenue stream


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