Clareity Direct Connections

Over the past two years there has been a noticeable trend with MLS organizations signing direct data license agreements with key publishers such as Zillow, Trulia and In fact, has over 400 direct MLS data relationships today and Trulia reported over 100 in their last public announcement. Zillow has recently announced many large MLS agreements with undoubtedly more to come.

Some of the most progressive MLSs in the country have identified that direct agreements with publishers that are delivering VALUE to their brokers and agents (in the form of traffic, leads and other services) can be beneficial to all parties. A few of the benefits of direct agreements can include better attribution on the listing for the listing broker/agent, free tools for managing leads, and more timely and accurate data display. In addition and most importantly, a direct agreement ensures the terms cannot be changed without the authorization of either party.

With the recent announcement that traditional syndication service providers for MLSs and brokers will no longer be working with Zillow, many MLSs are considering ways to minimize the impact to their brokers, including signing a direct agreement to send data to Zillow.

Direct agreements to publishers seem simple enough at first – if you’re an MLS, you already have a RETS server, and once you come to an an agreement with your preferred portals, you can provide them a RETS feed. But there’s one tricky part: managing the broker and agent level agreements and opting information, then sending that information to portals so they know which listings they can display.

That’s why Clareity Security, at the request of our customers, created Clareity Direct Connections™ (CDC).

Clareity Direct Connections

What is Clareity Direct Connections ?

It’s an easy way for Brokers & MLSs to create and manage direct relationships with Publishers. While it’s easy for MLSs to provide data to the Publishers via RETS, managing “opt-in” permissions from the brokers and agents is more complicated. Clareity Direct Connections(CDC) is an easy-button for all of this.

What’s in it for the MLS?

The MLS stays in control of the data. The CDC does not aggregate or use MLS data, it is simply a permission gateway bridging the gap between the MLS and Publisher. The CDC offers a convenient and secure environment to facilitate this “opt-in/out.”

What’s in it for the Brokers & Agents?

In its simplest form; they will receive better display terms and more prominent attribution than ever before! Brokers and agents will be empowered with an easy to use tool that allows them to make responsible listing distribution choices; based solely on publishers that deliver value to their business.

What’s in it for the Publishers?

Publishers will receive a direct data feed which, in most cases, trumps other feeds they receive; ensuring they have more timely and accurate data. Publishers will also have an efficient way to manage permissive use of the listing data.

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