Scout for SAFEMLS

MLS organizations should use three main criteria when evaluating authentication solutions for their organization: Cost, Convenience and Improved Security over the existing solution. Scout for SAFEMLS® serves as a customized industry solution that reduces administration and total cost of ownership compared to traditional strong authentication products. The SAFEMLS® Intelligence based authentication suite combines access intelligence and zero-footprint, strong authentication to accurately identify account sharing and other unauthorized access and then cost-effectively  mitigate them. The foundation of the solution is an identity profiling engine for aggregating user access data, creating statistical profiles, and detecting anomalies. Powered by a proprietary combination of key stroke dynamics and device identification technology, Scout for SAFEMLS is unrivaled in its ability to accurately and transparently identify users, detect account sharing, account takeover, and differences between individual users that is not possible with traditional device or IP tracking.

Scout for SAFEMLS

  • Uniquely Identify Users Gain insights and protections not available through other factors
  • Intelligence-driven Decisions: Use access intelligence to identify and mitigate risks with customizable remediation plans
  • Convenient, Cost Effective, and Proven: No inconvenience to users whose accounts are in compliance with MLS usage policies, best practices policies to assist customer in building an effective solution that minimizes account sharing and unauthorized access and provides revenue assurance

Key Benefits

  • Account Sharing Analytics – Identification of account sharing to target cost effective remediation
  • Transparent Monitoring – Rich data collection of in-session factors without impacting users
  • Automated Remediation – Customizable, automated remediation plans to minimize account sharing and other unauthorized access
  • Zero-footprint Authentication – Strong authentication with no controls to deploy, manage or renew

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